Perfection in extrusion.

You only see the end product. But how the many ingredients of a food or even the flavours in your glass of tea find their way into each other is rarely seen.

Extrusion is the magic word when you feed your pet. Or eat liquorice candy. Or spread fertiliser sticks.

HB-Feinmechanik is a pioneer in this field and offers you the right device for every application.

And what doesn't fit, will be made to fit.

Perfection in extrusion.

For people. For your customers. And for your company. You can rely on HB-Feinmechanik in this entire process - from the component to the special machine. We accompany you from the very beginning with the competence and precision for which HB-Feinmechanik has stood since its foundation in 1968. Sure. Reliable. Precise.

Low shear forces

In our twin-screw extruders, two screws comb in opposite directions. The result is a delivery principle similar to that of a gear pump. This ensures low shear forces and preserves your raw materials while at the same time increasing the efficiency of your production.

Hardly any heat generation

Our twin-screw extruders are based on two counter-rotating screws, resulting in a perfect result with minimal heat generation. For your foodstuffs as well as for the granulate of your choice.

Including dosing device

It's all in the mix. That's why we are happy to equip your extruder with the appropriate dosing unit. Precisely dosed, perfectly extruded. The best quality for you and your customers. Reliable.

The counter-rotating twin screws.

Our know-how in the development and production of extruders sets standards in precision and innovation in the food industry as well as in the chemical industry. The result is always exactly what meets your quality requirements. And all this in the best design, even for raw materials with the highest demands on low temperatures during processing. Our team of experts ensures that your requirements are implemented quickly. So that your new counter-rotating twin screws can pick up speed very quickly.

Your food or food additive is in good hands here. And the vitamins in it, too.

A common requirement for the food extrusion process is the careful treatment of raw materials and material mixtures.

In contrast to the cooking extrusion process of e. g. cereals, the cold extrusion process takes place in our counter-rotating twin screw extruder at very low temperatures and low mechanical product stress, so that the vitamins are not damaged, the food enzymes do not reduce their activity, the flavours or essential oils do not lose their aroma or taste.

The extrusion of very sticky material mixtures also ensures a constant material feed, a very narrow residence time distribution and thus an absolutely uniform product quality.

The hygienic design with an automated CIP cleaning process and a hinged cylinder offers maximum safety in food production.

So it doesn't get too hot. Our extruders generate very little heat.

Our counter-rotating twin-screw extruders are used in the chemical industry where thermal and shear sensitive or extremely abrasive raw materials and material mixtures are involved.

With extremely low screw speeds, our counter-rotating twin-screw extruder achieves the highest output rates and, in combination with an extended processing unit, very long dwell times.

This enables us to realize a continuous extrusion process from a batch process with absolutely constant product quality and maximum efficiency.


From batch operation to continuous extrusion with our counter-rotating twin-screw extruder with its versatile physical and chemical possibilities in the processing unit.

Extruder technology from HB-Feinmechanik

More than 50 years of experience in extrusion technology and intensive cooperation with large and small partners on the world market have made us exceptionally efficient.

Our counter-rotating, tightly intermeshing twin-screw extruders are based on innovative technical expertise and enable new continuous processing processes.

They offer you easy handling, high production reliability and a hygienic design.

Our extruder series with screw diameters (D) of 26mm, 63mm, 63mm, 90mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm, 235mm and cylinder lengths from 6 x D to 54 x D covers an output performance range from 1 kg/h to 10000 kg/h.

The extruder technology of HB-Feinmechanik also includes the dosing technology of solid and liquid components.

The control and regulation of the dosing units are integrated in the central plant control system and allow a completely automated start and stop operation of the plant.

Due to the modular design of the processing unit, the solid and liquid components can be added at different positions, depending on the requirements.

We go beyond limits.

The counter-rotating twin-screw extruders from HB-Feinmechanik are used in the food and chemical industry where other extruder concepts reach their limits.

The special technical features of our modular extruder concept are the following:

  • secured mass feeding behaviour
  • forced mass conveying with conveyor stiffeners, lengthwise and crosswise closed screw elements
  • maximum pumping efficiency
  • very narrow residence time distribution
  • gentle processing of raw materials
  • defined input of mechanical and thermal energy
  • maximum possible pressure build-up
  • extremely long stay (up to 20 minutes)

Overview & Components


Dry dosing

The bulk solids feeders consist of gravimetrically controlled single-screw or twin-screw feeders.

The screw feeder is driven by a servo motor.

The control and regulation system is integrated in the central extrusion line control unit and enables fully automated system start and stop operation.

The bulk solids feeders are mounted on a separate frame and mechanically decoupled from the extruder frame, which ensures a very high dosing accuracy.

The dosing concept of HB-Feinmechanik includes a complete dosing unit with storage tank, which is connected to the customer's refilling device.

The capacity range of our bulk solids dosing systems ranges from 1 kg per hour to 6000 kg per hour.


Liquid dosing

The gravimetrically controlled dosing system for liquids is built on a separate base frame, which can be flexibly set up independently of the extruder.

The dosing system consists of a weighed storage tank and a pump unit.

The pump unit is adapted to the liquid properties (viscosity, temperature, gas loading, etc.), which ensures a very high dosing accuracy.

The control and regulation of the dosing system is integrated in the central plant control system and enables a completely automated start and stop operation of the plant.

The capacity range of our liquid dosing systems ranges from 200 g per hour to 1000 kg per hour.

The refilling of the weighed storage tank is usually automated.

Additional equipment such as container loading stations, continuous flow coolers and self-cleaning nozzles are available for special applications.

Twin screws

The counter-rotating twin screws are modularly constructed from individual screw segments.

The screw segments are mounted on a core shaft.

A large number of different screw elements allow you to adapt the screw configuration to the process engineering task with the utmost precision.

The material, processing and coating of the screw elements are determined according to the application.


The modular design of the extruder cylinder offers you an extremely flexible system that meets all your requirements. The maintenance-friendly design reduces service work and repairs to a minimum.

All parts in contact with the product are manufactured as standard from high-quality stainless steel or FDA-compliant materials.

The cylinder is cooled or tempered by a fluid. Temperature control circuits are incorporated into cylinder modules for this purpose, which can be controlled separately depending on the process requirements. The fluid is tempered in a closed circuit via a heating/cooling unit.



The various demands on our pelletizing technology in the various areas of the food, chemical and plastics industries have shaped our pelletizing system and led to the various optimum designs:

  • Centralised or decentralised hot tapping systems
  • with single or multiple moulds
  • with horizontal or vertical extruder outlet
  • with dead space or dead space free mould flow
  • The pelletizing process is monitored by the central plant control system.

Horizontal extruder head

Your materials that do not require a death chamber can be manufactured with a horizontal product outlet.

The cutting mechanism or pelletizing unit is mounted on the front side of the extruder head.

The head temperature is controlled by the central system control.

Vertical extruder head

Your materials that require a large dead space can be manufactured with a vertical product outlet.

The cutting mechanism or pelletizing system is located under the head after the product is deflected.

The head temperature is controlled by the central system control.

Plant control

The control cabinet with the extruder plant control system will be installed as a separate unit independent of the plant.

Dosing control is integrated in the SPS extruder control system.

The system is operated via a touch panel mounted on the extruder frame. Remote maintenance and process data acquisition are standard equipment in industrial applications.

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