Precision & Innovation

We think further when it comes to your new machine.

Mechanical engineering is multifaceted. From the manufacture of individual components, through the assembly of assemblies, to the complete development and manufacture of a machine purely according to the requirements of a requirement specification.

In this entire process - from the component to the special machine - we accompany you from the very beginning with the competence and precision for which HB-Feinmechanik has stood since its foundation in 1968.

We are your sparring partner in mechanical engineering

Sparring means "dealing with someone". The intention of sparring is to improve the skills of the participants. That's why we see ourselves as your sparring partner in mechanical engineering. Together we optimize your construction on the basis of our more than 50 years of expertise and support you in combining highest quality and precision with innovation.

Real partnership

HB-Feinmechanik lives the partnership with you. It is all about your concerns and how we can solve them precisely, on time and optimized for the future.

Partnership means trust

As an independent precision service provider in private hands, we guarantee absolute confidentiality. It is your product and your know-how that belongs to you alone. We make sure that this remains so.

Partnership means sharing

We are happy to share our large pool of expertise and specialists with you. For us, innovation is on a level of precision and reliability. From individual components to complete machines.

From contract manufacturing to special machines

We map the entire process for you. From the manufacture of individual parts, through the assembly of assemblies and the manufacture of complete systems, to specially designed machines according to specifications. Trust in our more than 50 years of experience and our good reputation. Absolute precision and maximum reliability are our guiding principles. Flexibility and innovation based on tradition are our special strength.

Contract manufacturing

Milling, turning, grinding, eroding, welding, painting

Precision manufacturing for highest quality requirements with short delivery times and an attractive price-performance ratio. As a general contractor, we also take care of the necessary subcontracting.

Component assembly

Assembly of parts, mounting of pneumatics, electrics and controls

Precisely pre-adjusted modules from our company can be integrated immediately - reducing the lead time for the customer. Complex procurement process of the individual parts by HB-Feinmechanik.

Complete plants

Plant construction according to parts lists & drawings (B2P - Build to Print)

Know-how from the HB-Feinmechanik special machine range can be used. High-precision manufacturing and assembly; plant commissioning - as a customer you concentrate on development and sales.

Special mechanical engineering

Project planning, development, production, commissioning & service

Innovative and flexible concepts with state-of-the-art technologies - RobotVision for 25 years (robotics + image processing). Manual workstations, rotary indexing tables, assembly lines.

We are your partner - right from the start

Tailor-made planning and projection of special machines

The longest way starts with the first step. Often this is the idea of the big picture, whole, without having to pay attention to the details. But it is precisely the details that make or break the implementation of your idea. We'll take care of the details. And everything that goes with it, so that your requirement becomes a real product. In highest precision, in best quality.

Examples of solutions used worldwide

Mechanical engineering is diverse. From the manufacture of individual components, through the assembly of assemblies, to the complete development and manufacture of a machine purely according to the requirements of a requirement specification. Here we show you examples from a wide variety of industries that rely on our precision, quality and reliability worldwide.


Installation for the assembly of car components.

Fully automatic system with 6-second cycle; quick change-over by changing the workpiece carrier.

Household utensils

Installation for the assembly of electric motors for household appliances.

Fully automatic system with 8s cycle: winding, contacting, testing.


Installation for the assembly of electromechanical assemblies for the heating industry.

Fully automatic system with 9s cycle, RobotVision stations (locating of parts; assembly with robot; quality control with image processing), highly flexible system for a wide range of parts.


Plant for processing printed circuit boards

Super fast and highly available contacting operation on printed circuit boards. Worldwide use for equipping control units.

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