Your process expert for the optimal production of your products

Using the build-to-print process, we manufacture your products, devices or components exactly on the basis of the technical documentation you provide. Always with the highest precision and quality.

Production of plants according to your specifications. In highest precision and quality.

HB-Feinmechanik is your partner when it comes to build to print projects. Our focus in mechanical engineering is to produce a high-quality and absolutely precise product for you from your plans and parts lists. By our demand-oriented customer support, for you completely without risk of rejects.

We are your partner forfabricationsubassembliescomplete plantsspecial machines

Need-oriented customer support from a single source:

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High competence, productivity and tested quality.

Performance and delivery capability even for large projects.

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Many years of experience with many processes and technologies.

HBF is your specialist, problem solver, innovator & strategic partner.

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Standardized processes (production) and modules.

From mechanical and electrical assembly to programming and commissioning.

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Many years of experience with many processes and technologies.

Engineering competence in flexible automation projects for decades.

BUILD TO PRINT - from the drawing to the finished system

HB-Feinmechanik implements your product innovation in best quality and highest precision. From the drawing to the finished product - everything from one source.

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Hundreds of plans and drawings

are converted into workflows and parts lists. Our experts check each drawing again exactly, e.g. for tolerance dimensions, plausibility and material specifications. All drawing parts undergo a 100% quality check before they are passed on to the assembly department. With these measures we protect our customers from any risk of rejects.

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Thousands of parts on parts lists

We identify the right supplier worldwide for each of the sometimes far more than a thousand individual parts listed. We initiate the procurement process by means of an order request and monitor every deadline until the goods receipt has been completed.

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Calculation and work plan creation

Each work step is planned and calculated in detail. The resulting work plan is the basis for the exact sequence and time schedule for production. Planning reliability and adherence to budgets are very important to HB-Feinmechanik.

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Purchase of catalogue parts, production of special parts

The procurement takes place for all parts that are available on the market. We manufacture special parts ourselves. Our incoming goods department permanently monitors the punctual receipt of materials and the availability of the components we manufacture ourselves.

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Quality assurance - everything is checked

Every single part - really every one - is checked for compliance with the defined properties, regardless of whether it is a purchased part or a component from our own production. Optical and tactile measurements with an accuracy of up to 1 micrometer also guarantee absolute precision.

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Assembly up to the turnkey system

Our departments work seamlessly together to manufacture your product according to your drawings, plans and specifications in HB-Feinmechanik's traditional best quality and with the highest precision. In the case of repeat orders, we will of course work out optimisation proposals for you and discuss these with you.


Our flexibility, reliability and precision is your advantage. Whether you only need a single component or a complete assembly: HB-Feinmechanik is the optimal partner for you. From the turnkey plant to the commissioning and staff training on site.

Fast and uncomplicated

Flat hierarchies, short decision paths, fast problem solving.

Optimum company size

with the right mix of flexibility and performance.

Experience from decades

Experienced specialists and designers can support you immediately if required.

Large vertical range of manufacture

Milling, turning, grinding, welding, eroding, cleaning, laser marking.

Concentrate on your product innovation. 
We take care of the rest.

Even the most complex innovation will be reliably implemented for you in our proven quality and precision.

What can we do for you?

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