Reduce downtime - save money

Nothing is worse than a stationary machine which cannot be used for weeks due to a single component.

That is why we offer you the FAST TRACK service from HB-Feinmechanik.

Your spare part will be available within a maximum of 5* days from order clarification. Expensive downtimes can be reduced to a minimum with us.


The FAST TRACK Service from HB-Feinmechanik is the solution for your stationary machine. Your spare part will be available for collection or dispatch within a maximum of 5* days from submission of your production documents. Completely uncomplicated. Unbeatably fast - and in best quality.

Spare part in only 5 days

With our FAST TRACK service, we reduce the time required to manufacture a component specifically to your requirements. From the usual several weeks in the market to only 5* days.

The bypass brings the solution

We have established our internal bypass solution so that everything can be done so quickly. A team of experts is always ready to place your order in the middle of a running production.

Delivery time? No problem.

Forget long lead times and delivery times for your urgently needed spare part. Once your production documents are available, your spare part will be ready for collection or dispatch within just 5* days.

If you're running out of time...

...then the usual market procedure is not an option for you. Work preparation, programming, production and quality control usually take several weeks. During this time your machine stands still. This is why the fast supply of your spare part is so important for you. With FAST TRACK we offer you the possibility to use your machine profitably again within a maximum of 5* days.

Spare part production in the shortest possible time

From the day on which your production documents for your required component are available, it does not take 5* days until it is ready for collection or dispatch. We can also ship your component directly via Express to any location in the world.

This is spare parts procurement and logistics at the highest level, without having to suffer quality or precision. Every part goes through the entire process from preparation to quality control, as is customary at HB-Feinmechanik.

But not in several weeks, but within only 5* days.

FAST TRACK requires considerably less time:

Work preparation10%
Quality control5%

Work scheduling

In just one day from order

Our FAST TRACK team is at your disposal from the very first contact and ensures a smooth process throughout the entire production and supply chain.


In just one day from order

Our FAST TRACK team is at your disposal from the very first contact and ensures a smooth process throughout the entire production and supply chain.


Maximum 2 days to product

With our bypass team, highly qualified experts are available on the machines and equipment to manufacture your spare part in record time, even in the middle of a running production.

Quality control

Final inspection in one day

No component leaves our halls without the quality standards known for HB precision mechanics. Only much faster, because we can produce parallel to a running process.

Time is money. Your money. We save you expensive downtimes.

  • There are no idle times. The tight organization with defined interfaces for the transfer of the individual work steps to the corresponding department enables a seamless production chain.
    Your personal contact, the FAST TRACK "godfather", always focuses on your order. He monitors and controls compliance with all time windows and is always up to date.
    The production of your spare part enjoys the highest priority throughout the entire process. Guaranteed.

* If a certain material is not in stock or a surface refinement is desired, the delivery time can be extended.

Especially fast. And especially good.

Fastest supply with specially manufactured spare parts is a big challenge. With FAST TRACK we ensure that it is not only fast, but also that the highest standards of quality and precision are guaranteed.

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